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New Tuner From Korg Tuners Now in stock

The Korg CA 50 Chromatic Tuner

We were recently advised that the Peterson Strobo Plus HD tuner is no longer available and the new tuner that Peterson is coming out with will be available sometime this fall. I have asked them if it will have the presets for pedal steel and they haven’t responded to me. I found the Korg CA 50 and it is a great tuner for pedal steel. Especially for the price. I have one Strobo Plus HD tuner with the Pitch holder and swivel left in stock.

The CA 50 tuner will work great for pedal steel, I have a numbers chart for E9th which I will include with the tuner and I will chart out the numbers for C6th. I have put the E9th numbers on a 5 1/2" by 4 1/4" card that you can keep in front of you. Once I have the C6th numbers I will put them on the back of that card.         

The features of the CA 50 are:

Large LCD screen, Equipped with ¼” input and output jacks, Adjustable calibration range (410 to 480Hz). (Note: I tune to 441 and this tuner is easy to change the calibration.). Pure major/minor 3rd interval indication marks, Built in Reference Tone, Microphone, Speaker and a Folding Stand, Auto Power Off and memory backup, Two AAA Batteries Included.

Your Cost $ 21.50 plus shipping and handling.

Dunlop Peg Winder

This is a handy tool to have at your disposal. Your Cost $ 2.50 each plus shipping and handling.