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Instructional Courses

Instructional Course By Frenchy Messier

“Catfish” John Geer & Frenchy Messier

"Trappin’ Squirrels" - E9th Tuning

A guide toward a more complete understanding of the 2nd string’s full potential on the E9th neck. You will also develop a thought pattern for playing the E9th neck so that you can get the most out of the tuning. Note: I have re recorded this course and added rhythm tracks. Frenchy. - Book and two CD’s. Your Cost $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling. 

I To IV Chord Changes For The E9th Tuning

I have re-written and re-recorded this course. The audio cassette now contains rhythm tracks so you can practice these 30 ways to get from a I Chord to the IV Chord. Frenchy plays the runs and licks dry then he plays them against the rhythm tracks. Then the rhythm tracks are there for you to practice with. Book and CD Your Cost $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling.

Courses by Frenchy Messier

Steel For The Fun Of It! - A Guide To Learning And Playing The E9th Tuning.

This course comes complete with a Book and 7 CD’s and is just like having a set of Encyclopedias for the E9th tuning. The course goes from the beginner to advanced levels of playing the E9th tuning. It is written in such a way that you not only learn the subject matter in each chapter, but you also learn where to find things, how to play them and WHY we play what we play. Rhythm tracks are provided after each exercise throughout the course so you can practice what you have just learned.                                         

Contents: The Legend-Tuning & Tuning Chart-Right Hand  & Bar Hand Technique-The Volume Pedal-Basic Music Theory-Chord Construction Using The No Pedal And A&B Pedals Down Positions-A&F Pedal Positions-The Seventh Chords And How To Use Them-Single Note Scales-New Scale Positions-Developing Single Note Licks And Runs-Tying Scale Positions Together To Create Licks-Minor Chords And How To Use Them-The Augmented Chords And How To Use Them-Harmony And The Harmonized Scale-Not Sure Of What To Play?-Substitute Chords And Chords Against Chords-Backing Up A Singer-Chord Chart For Rhythm Tracks.  Book and seven CD’s; Your Cost $ 44.95 plus shipping and handling.

C6 Quick Start - An Easy Guide To The C6th Tuning

I have used the same format for this course as I have for the Steel For The Fun Of It! Easy Guide

Contents: Basic Theory And How It Applies To The C6th Tuning-Basic Chords And Their Picking Groups-Single Note Scales-Pedal No. 5 And How to Use It-Pedal No. 6 And How To Use It-Combining The Use Of Pedals No. 5&6-Pedals No. 5&6, The Diminished Chord-Pedal No. 7 And How To Use It-Pedal No. 8 And How To Use It-Pedal No. 4 & Knee Lever  No. 1 And How To Use Them-Knee Lever No. 2 And How To Use It-Knee Lever No. 3 And How To Use It-The Augmented And The Augmented 11th Chord-The Minors-Additional Scales-The Diminished In Single Note Form. Rhythm Tracks are provided throughout the course.  This course comes with a Book with  3 CD’s. Specify when ordering. Your Cost $ 34.95 plus shipping and handling.

Some Of My Favorite Classics – E9th

Songs: Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-Danny Boy-Faded Love-Make The World Go Away-Sleepwalk-Waltz Across Texas.

Tabs and CD with steel and rhythm tracks Your Cost $ 19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Note: I am incorporating the use of the pedals that lower the 5th and 10th strings a whole tone, lowering the 6th string a whole tone and splitting it to a half tone in all the songs except Danny Boy which is a traditional arrangement. I also use them in combinations.

I arranged Faded Love a little differently, the last band I was with did it in G then D then A what I did was to arrange it in G then do a ride in D then end in G instead of the A. I originally learned to play Sleepwalk on non pedal steel so what I tried to do with this arrangement was to get blend of a non pedal/pedal feel to the song. Your Cost $ 7.95 plus shipping and handling. 


A Few Of My Favorite Gospel Songs On E9th

Songs: Precious Memories-I'll Fly Away-In The Garden-Softly And Tenderly. Tabs and cassette or Tabs and CD (Please specify)

 Your Cost $ 15.00.  Plus shipping and handling.


Simply Hank (Williams That Is!)

Songs: Cold, Cold Heart-I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You-I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry-Your Cheating Heart.

Tabs and CD Your Cost $ 15.00  plus shipping and  handling.   


Simple, Easy To Use Intro’s And Endings For The E9th.

21 intro’s and 12 endings. I play each intro and ending against the rhythm track then I put the rhythm track down without the steel so you can practice the intro’s and endings. Tabs and cassette or Tabs and CD (Please specify) Your Cost $ 15.00  Plus shpg & handling.

Lowering The Sixth String A Half And A Whole Tone (2nd Edition) - Newly revised

This course covers lowering the 6th string G# to F# and then splitting the whole tone lower to G with the 2nd pedal. I have now added examples of using what I call P4 or as commonly known the Franklin pedal. Everything is thoroughly explained and all examples are played without rhythm tracks, then played against the rhythm tracks and then the rhythm tracks are provided for practicing the licks, runs and chord changes.

Tabs plus 2 CD's your cost $ 18.95 plus shipping and handling.

Rock  And Blues Type Licks

I cover a number of Pads and both Rock and Blues Licks plus the Pentatonic scale and the Blues Scale. All the licks and Pads are played without the rhythm tracks then with the tracks so you can see and hear how they work. Then I have put the rhythm track down for you to practice all the examples. Tabs and two CD’s $15.00 plus shipping and handling.

The Right Hand (Improve Your Right Hand Technique) E9th Tuning. 

 I have had a number of calls asking me how to improve on right hand technique so I put this course together. I use exercises and scales to help develop pick blocking technique and chord scales to help with palm blocking. There are rhythm tracks, for all of the exercises and scales, to help with timing. Book of Tabs and two CD’s Your Cost $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling.

Individual Songs

Faded Love/Maidens Prayer Medley – E9th Arrangement

Both of these tunes were bandstand requests with the last band I played with so I decided to put them together as a medley. I am using the standard E9th tuning plus the knee lever that lowers the 6th string then split it with the B pedal. I am also using the P4 which lowers strings 5, 6 and 10 a whole tone. I do explain optional runs.

Contents: Introduction, Steel With Track, Alternate Runs, Steel Only, Steel and Track, Track Only, Conclusion. Tabs and CD

Your Cost $ 10.00 plus shipping and handling.


Amazing Grace –  E9th Arrangement

Amazing Grace is one of those old Gospel tunes that you just love to love so I decided to tab out my version of this classic. The pedals that I use along with the standard pedal set up are the knee lever that lowers the 6th string a whole tone then splits it ½ tone with the B pedal and the commonly called “Franklin” pedal which lowers strings 5, 6 and 10 a whole tone.

Contents: Introduction, Steel with Track, Explanation, Steel Track Only, Explanation, Steel with Track, Track Only, Thank You.

Tabs and CD Your Cost $ 10.00 plus shipping and handling.


Last Date –  E9th Arrangement

I am in the process of tabbing out several songs, Last Date is the first in the series. Along with the tabs will be a CD and what I am doing on the CD is to have the steel and rhythm track then a track with the steel by itself so you can hear how I phrase everything and then there will be the rhythm track to play along with. Your Cost $ 10.00 plus shipping and handling.


Night Life –   C6th Arrangement

C6th arrangement using the standard C6th Pedal Setup. Tabs with CD – Your Cost $10.00 plus shipping and handling

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We have a number of courses by various artists in stock. For a complete list of instructional material as well as CD's and Cassettes that we have in stock please don't hesitate to contact me at either 505 864-2966 or email me at frenchy@frenchyspedalsteel. All CD's will be 

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