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GFI Musical Products

​                                         Professional Series Pedal Steel Guitars 

Designed by the late Gene Fields who spent his entire professional career involved with the design and manufacture of musical instruments and related products. The results of this knowledge and experience is a Pedal Steel Guitar of uncompromising quality that is efficiently produced. This tradition and commitment to quality continues today so that the GFI is able to produce instruments that are the very best available yet at reasonable prices.

GFI Ultra D10 in Vintage Wood Mica front, back and pedal bar with a Black Mica Top.

Ultra S10P in Blue Mica Front,Back and Pedal Bar with Black top.                   Ultra S12P Universal in Black Mica.

GFI Ultra S10P in Red Mica​​   This guitar has 4 floor pedals and 5 knee levers. Nice...Nice guitar

Features: All Maple Die Board Bodies, Aluminum body parts are coated with a baked on Epoxy for a durable and unique finish. D10 with 8 floor pedals and 5 knee levers weighs 40 Lbs, 24" Scale, Ultra Models have the GFI II pickups,  Expo models have the GFI II pickups. All models have a triple raise/double lower changer with adjustable lower springs, 7 hole Bell Cranks and come Standard with Stainless Steel Fingers. The Stainless Steel fingers will give you greater wear and will be long lasting plus they enhance the tonal response of the string.

The Ultra  models have Deflection Minimizing Cross  Rod Bearing Caps with Teflon Bushings.  Ultra Models are available in both Keyed and Keyless models and in a 12 string model. 

The Expo models have the Classic wrap around styling, Angled frame rails, other features are the same as the Ultra except there are no deflection minimizing Crossrod bearing caps. The frame finish is a Gray Hammer Tone a Gold Vein Hammer Tone or a Silver Vein Hammer Tone is optional. The Expo is available in an S10 and S10P model available with a maximum of 3 floor pedals and 5 knee levers.

The combination of the Die Board, body environment, pickups and other design characteristics give GFI Steels a pure clean tone with excellent note separation. The mechanics are meticulously designed and assembled for super smooth and accurate playability. Color choices are: Black, Red, Blue, Vintage Wood and Maple. Contact Frenchy at 505 864-2966 or frenchy@frenchyspedalsteel.com for great pricing.

                    GFI "Expo" and Expo X1 Models.

                                     GFI Expo S10 in Black Mica                                                             GFI Expo X1 in Vintage Wood Front Back and Pedal Bar with Black Top

                                                                                   GFI Student Series Pedal Steel Guitars

The GFI Student Model is a great value when compared to similar models. It has the same tone environment as the GFI Pro models. Many of the Pro model features have found their way into the Student Model because it make the manufacturing process more cost effective.

Features: Die Board Body which provides the same tone environment as the Pro Models. GFI I Picvkup, Singer Finger Changer (Push/Pull, Frames coated with a durable Wrinkle Black Baked On Epoxy, Colors available are: Black, Red, Blue, Vintage Wood and Maple. Capable of handling the standard Nashville E9th tuning using 3 Floor Pedals and 4 Knee Levers.

 Contact Frenchy at 505 864-2966 or frenchy@frenchyspedalsteel.com for great pricing for the complete line of these great pedal steel guitars.

                                                                             All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

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